10 Fun Ways To Create Lifetime Memories For You And Your Adorable Ones

The best inheritance a parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day. – M. Grundler

A lot of memories are formed in childhood and they usually last a lifetime.  Spending time with your children gives them the chance to form positive and loving childhood memories. It also provides them with opportunities to learn and be heard.


Most importantly, it provides you and your children time to bond and connect with each other more deeply and it’s those connections that make your children feel loved and valued.

So, why not leave the dishes and the laundry for another few minutes and put the duster down. Turn off the phones, computer, laptops, TVs and gadgets and instead, spend some time with your children. When you look back in the future, you will be thankful for the memories.

Your children need your presence much more than your presents. Make your presence felt and create lifetime memories for your adorable ones with these fun activities –

1. Read them a Story 
Allow your children pick a book they would love to read and read them a page or chapter a day. Alternatively, you can tell them stories from your childhood.

2. Play with them
Get down on the floor and play with your children- play pretend, play dress up, play trucks/cars, build forts, do scavenger hunts, host a tea party for the dolls, play paper games,  – Anything  at all that will get you playing and spending time with them.

3. Cook or Bake together
Children love helping in the kitchen. Get your children their own apron and/or cookbook. Allow them pick a simple recipe every week and spend some bonding time cooking or baking together in the kitchen.

4. Do some exercises together
Do some exercises together – you can go for a walk together, skip, jump, jog or run around your estate – Anything that gets you all moving and active.

5. Sing and dance together 
Spend time together singing and dancing.  Allow your children pick songs they would like to sing or dance to but you also, share some of your childhood favourites with them.

6. Make crafts
You can do simple crafts like a handmade card for their teacher, a paper plate mask etc.

7. Give them a creativity task
Get a cereal box (or any big box) and some art supplies. Cut the box open, lay it flat on the table or the floor and hand your children the supplies to get creative. Let them draw, colour, paint, cut etc. and join in the fun but allow them use their imagination and creativity.

8. Play games
Any games at all! You could indulge in some wild chase with hide and seek, hopscotch, tickles or something more calm like board games, playing cards, cootie catcher or even, something techy like computer or video games.

9. Building a Story 
Sit down with your children, get cosy, and then build a story together. Get your youngest child to start the story and the next child continues it by adding another line. Each person in the family takes turns building the story from where the last person stopped. You can keep the story building going for as long as you want.

10. Be a clown 
Yes, be the clown every now and then. You don’t need make-up or a special costume, just say or do something playful and watch your children laugh uncontrollably.

Give your children the ultimate gift of your time today; instead of saying “not now”, stop what you are doing, pay attention to them and go play with them for a couple of minutes. They will cherish it for a lifetime!

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