3 Fun Activities For Your Adorable Ones!

….Play with your children, build memories with them.

Spending time playing with your children will help grow the bond between you and will also help create lovely childhood memories.

Weekends are always a great time for parents to have fun, play, bond and build lasting memories with their children. Set aside some time and enjoy the weekend with your family with these simple fun activities –

1) Word Scrambles
Word scrambles are great ways to engage children. Write a few words with their letters all jumbled up and ask them to rearrange the letters to form the right word.

Example – CPU – Cup; KLMI – Milk; RFTEHA – Father

Ensure that you use simple words that will be appropriate for their age group.

2) Word Titles
Pick any word and ask your kids to make as many words as they can from its letters –

Example: Mandate – man, and, at, mend, ate, mate, tea, eat, mat, ant, den, date, tan, ten, net, name, mane, made, meat, an,
If there are more than two children, you can turn it into a game and count how many words each child gets. The child with the most words wins.

3) Nature count
This is an observation game and is quite similar to the ‘I-spy’ game.
Take a walk with your children and get them to count the number of specific objects or things they see around. To make it more fun and interesting, give them clues of what to look for.

For example –
How many colours do they see in their surrounding?
How many objects have a certain colour? (name a particular colour)
How many living things do they see?
How many non-living objects do they see? and so on…

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