5 Principles of Positive Parenting

Building a great and positive relationship with your children is one of the topmost secret to successful parenting.

When you develop  a close connection and bond with your children, you will  not only be raising happy, healthy, well behaved children you would also have a home where discipline would be rarely needed.

Here are some simple principles that can help you build a positive and strong bond with your children.

1. Children need to feel secure, loved and valued.  It gives them good and healthy self-esteem and confidence. Focus more on their abilities and remind them of their strengths when they are struggling. Praise them when they behave well. Praising good behaviour will influence your child’s behaviour in a positive way.

2. Be firm and be consistent. Parenting sometimes requires tough love. Whenever you need to correct or discipline your children, do it firmly and always remember to be consistent.

3. Work as a team. Work as a team with your spouse and the other adults in your child’s life (i.e. nanny, teacher, coach and so on). Make an agreement with your spouse and all other adults on what approach to take to rules,  discipline and decisions.

4. Listen to and talk to your child. Good communication is an important parenting skill. Watch out for times when your children are open to talking and engage them in conversations. Pay attention to what they are saying and don’t shut them up when they want to talk.

5. Have fun with your children. Spend time playing and having fun with your children. They need your presence more than your presents.



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