6 Major Lessons Life Taught Me


Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! – Robert H. Schuller

To everyone going through challenges, troubles, distress, difficult times, lonely times or sad moments, I want you to know this – You are not alone.

There will be stumbling blocks in our lives, we would face challenges and difficulties, we would have low and down moments – BUT, I believe that all those difficulties and challenges are there to prepare us for even bigger blessings.


In my few years here on earth, life has taught me some major lessons.

You see, life has dealt with me in so many ways, given me ‘eye-blinding’ blows, stretched me beyond what I could ever have imagined and tossed me into deep-hot-foul-smelling-messy holes. But , I choose always to stand tall and that’s because life has taught me six valuable lessons –

You are never alone, don’t ever forget that! When you are at your lowest, look to the highest. It is hard to be down when you are looking up! – Keep Looking Up and Soon You Will Soar!

1) Life’s Lemons
Life isn’t always fair and will often throw curves at everyone of us from time to time. But hey, when life hands you lemons, PLEASE make some lemonade.  I’m having my fair share of juicy lemons too but guess what I’m making my lemonades and lemon tea and I’m sipping away nicely …. lol!

2) Life’s Pressures
Sometimes, life’s pressures and troubles can get so overwhelming and at such times, life can become quite unbearable. Don’t give up, Don’t give in! … It won’t last forever.

3) Life’s Roads
The roads can sometimes get so … so dark, with no traces of light in sight whatsoever. Please be patient, the light will shine again and things will eventually turn around.

4) Your Inner Peace is A Great Asset
No matter what life throws at you in your homes and lives, PLEASE do all you can to hold on to your inner peace and happiness! It is one of the greatest assets you can ever have. Worrying will not make things better; trust me, IT NEVER DOES.

5) Your Face is Too Beautiful For Tears
No matter what you are going through, PLEASE know that NOTHING is worth losing your peace over, and NO ONE is good enough to make you cry or sad. And I mean it – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING & NO ONE!!! You are very precious and your face is too beautiful for tears.

6) Your Life is Precious 
Your life is precious and very important. Enjoy it as best as you can and I want you to know this one thing for sure – I CARE & I’M PRAYING FOR YOU! ♡

No matter what you may be going through – May joy, strength, peace and happiness be yours from this very moment!

– Gee Bee


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