7 Easter Games To Play With Your Kids

If you’re looking for ways to have fun with your adorable ones and keep them occupied this Easter. Here are some great ideas you could try –

1. Egg Relay Race


Give each child a hard-boiled egg and a spoon. Each child places their egg on their spoon and holds the handle with their teeth. Mark a start and finish line and at the blow of a whistle or start signal, each child runs to the finish line.

If their egg falls to the ground, they can pick it up and place it back on their spoon. The first child to arrive at the finish line with their egg still on the spoon wins.

2. Egg Roll


President Barack Obama at the 2009 White House Easter egg roll

This Easter game is an annual tradition in the White house and you can start it in your own home too. Give each child a hard-boiled egg. Each child has to roll their egg from a starting line to a finish line. The eggs could be rolled with either a wooden spoon or pushed with the feet (without cracking the shell). The first person to reach the finish line with their egg still intact and not cracked wins.

3. Egg Bocce


This is a version of the classic Italian lawn-bowling game. Each child should be given two hard boiled eggs marked with their initials or you can get them to colour their own eggs. (Each child should use same colours for their two eggs but have different colours from the other children).

Finally, you will need one egg that is marked differently from the rest of the eggs. This will be the pallino. Place this egg in a strategic position and mark of a starting point.

Each child then rolls or tosses one of their coloured eggs from this starting point with the aim of getting their eggs as close as possible to the pallino. If one child’s egg knocks away another child’s egg, the game just continues.

After everyone has a go, measure the distance of the eggs from the pallino to see which one is closest to it. The closest egg to the pallino wins.

4. Shell Crack


Give each child a hard-boiled egg. At the blow of a whistle or a starting signal, they are to smash the eggs’ small ends together. At the end of the game, the child with an unbroken (or uncracked) egg shell wins.

5. Scavenger hunt


This is an egg hunt game with a fun twist. Get some plastic eggs, put clues that will help them find the next egg into these plastic eggs, then hide the eggs in different places throughout the entire house. The final clue should lead them to their Easter chocolate or Easter Basket. To make this more fun, be creative with the clues.

Here are some samples of clues that you could use –

Clue#1 Where do you sit to watch TV, please Hurry and go see

Clue#2 Hop on over to the place where you will go when your pop-corn is ready

Clue 3# Now that you have found clue number two, Do as your are told, Go brush your teeth

Clue 4# Take 15 giant steps to the next place, the place where we wash dirty clothes

Clue 5# The next place is always cold but full of treats

Clue 6# Rub-a-dub-bub, Go check the tub

You could put the chocolate or basket anywhere – outside, in the car, in the drying machine, behind a closet door… The ultimate thing is just to Have fun and be creative.

Another fun variation is to buy plastic eggs in a variety of colors and assign one colour to each child.  Each child then has to find all the eggs in their assigned colour. The first person to find all their eggs wins.

6.  Easter Fun Toss

Mark three circle spaces on the ground in a triangle pattern or six circles in a pyramid pattern. Then give each circle a point value of your choice. The circle that is farthest away from the start line is worth the most points.

Also, mark a start line and give each child five small objects (i.e pebbles, small ball, dice, small disc, bottle caps or any other small objects) that they could easily throw from the start line. Each child then takes turn to throw their objects into the circle and each time their object lands in the circle, they get the point value for that particular circle.

Younger children, can be allowed to stand closer to the circles to make their tosses easier while older children can be allowed to run several rounds if they are old enough to keep a running total of their points. At the end of the game, the child with the highest total points wins.

7.  Hot Easter Egg


This game is a variation of the Hot Potato and musical chairs game and can be played with the entire family.  You can use either a hard boiled egg, chocolate egg or plastic egg (If using plastic egg, fill it with something to give it a little weight).

Get everyone to sit or stand in a circle and play some music. Assign one person to control the music player.

When the music starts, the “hot Easter egg” has to be passed around the circle and whenever  the music stops, the person left holding the egg is out. Continue until only one person is left and that person becomes the winner.


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