7 Reasons Why We Love Mummies And Daddies

The role of a parent in the life of a child is such an important and irreplaceable one. Parents model life for their children and also play a very key and vital role in how the lives of their children are shaped.


We love parents – mummies and daddies – so much and here is why:-

1. They Are Lovers

The love of a true parent is next to none. Regardless of the child’s age, whether young or old, a parent’s love always remains true. It is unconditional and intense – the greatest love in the world.

2. They Are Carers

Parents are their child’s first caregivers. They care, nurture, provide and tend to their needs. They are constantly striving to give their children the very best of everything regardless of any difficulty or hardship.

3. They Are Teachers 

The first teacher a child has in his/her life is always, in most cases his/her parents. Parents teach their children to walk, to speak, have good manners and so on…

4. They Are Role Models

Parents serve as role models to their children through both direct interactions as well as through the examples they set (with their attitude, mannerisms and behaviour) within the family and in the outside world.

5. They are Influencers

Parents are key influencers in their children’s development, life choices and chances in life. Their relationship and involvement have great impacts on their children’s physical, moral, mental, and emotional well-being.

6.They Are Moral Guides

Parents teach moral values to their children. They instill morals and values that builds their character and shapes their decision-making process.

7. They Are Nation builders

The role of parents in nation building is  a prime and important one and can never be overemphasized. A strong nation is built on strong citizenry and the family which is the smallest unit of any society or country is where parents raise, teach and groom their young ones to become great citizens.

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