About Us

gee2Adorable Mum is a worldwide forum for mothers.

Our aim is to help one another in every way possible to realise the great potential every mother possesses.

The Adorable Mum forum provides an avenue for mothers to learn from one another, and to realise they are not alone.

As a member of this group, no mother should ever feel isolated and together, hand in hand, we will all emerge as stronger and better mothers in an environment of love, care and trust.

The Adorable Mum forum is for everyone, whether you are an expectant mother, a new mother looking for encouragement and support or a mother with toddlers, older children or teens, this forum is for every woman of all ages.

Our Vision

Celebrating Motherhood, Celebrating Greatness!

Our vision captures the essence of who we really are. It is the foundation of what we do. Our goal is to create an enabling environment for mothers and women to support and help one another. In doing so we hope to become a forum that will make motherhood and parenting easier, more exciting and a more enjoyable and rewarding part of life.

Our beliefs

  • Mothers are rare gems and ought to be valued and celebrated.
  • All mothers, all children and all families are unique. We respect the wisdom of each mother and how she cares for her children, her family and herself.
  • Every mother needs a good support system to help them through the transitions each stage of motherhood brings as they can be challenging and difficult at times.
  • Mothers are powerful both individually and together as a group.
  • Our children are our future.
  • It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Our Mission

1. Adorable Mum Forum

To create an enabling environment where mothers can help and support one another.

To help make the entire journey of motherhood a more exciting and rewarding one.

To enhance home and family life by enriching the lives of mothers through support, education and advocacy.

To bring back family values promoting closeness and connection within each member’s community.

To support orphanages and fostering in our local communities.

To support, promote and get involved with great causes

2. Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Campaigns

To campaign against child abuse, create awareness and promote child abuse prevention.

3. Praying Mum

To support women of faith in their beliefs allowing them to make a great impact in the lives of their children through prayer.

4. Network

To reach out to mums through radio programs, TV, magazines, social media, newspaper columns etc.