African Woman

Zuri Perle photoshoot red coral peach coral pearl handmade jewelry (2)

Photo credits: Zuri Perle Bead Jewelry

Rejoice in the honoured glow your frame sits in,
You resemble the earth that took form in seven days.
Shades of brown only the master could have shaped with clay,

Sand dunes create frown lines in jealousy,
Volcanoes cannot bear the curve of your hips,
You belittle their existence.

Mesmerize minds with every bend of your waist,
Let the tribal beats of homeland live in the inches of your sides,
Pay homage with each shake.

I’ve seen the magic your hands can conjure,
The spells and smells your kitchen have welcomed,
You cook as though the Lord is visiting tonight.

Let not yourself limit what you can be,
I’ve seen your grow, rule lands and kings,
Bask in your inner glory, O! Gracious Queen.

African Woman,
Don’t let any Adams make you feel bad for wearing Eve’s crown.

African Woman,
You are the mind Picasso has tried desperately to paint,

African Woman,
A sculpture has not yet the courage to mimic your being.

African Woman,
You are a Goddess!

–¬†Poem by Felicia Olusanya

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