Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence Starts With You!

Domestic Violence is an ugly cycle that needs to stop and the power to break this cycle lies with you and I.
It is our responsible to ensure this societal disease stops. If we must Ways we can end Domestic Violence is to
Empower yourself
Even if you aren’t a victim of domestic violence, it is important to have a good understanding of all that it entails. You just never know when it could come in handy. Also, it will help you educate and empower your children and circle of influence better. Understanding the signs of domestic violence and causes of domestic abuse are very crucial to breaking this domestic violence cycle.
On the other hand, if  you are a victim of domestic violence,  you must break the silence now, to break the cycle. Find a safe place to move too then you can seek to resolve the conflicts and issues in your marriage but first and foremost, you need to ensure your safety and that of your children. So find the strength to do it now and Make it a priority.

Power and Control Wheel

Educate your children 
Use every opportunity to teach your children about the dangers of domestic violence. Be mindful of the age of your child and use age-appropriate words when discussing with them so as to avoid frightening them and doing more harm.
Raise your sons to be great husbands, responsible fathers and great men.
The statistics of women suffering domestic violence aren’t pretty and something needs to change. And it needs to start with educating our sons.
Teach your boys from a very young age to know that a man’s strength is for protecting the women in his lives.
Teach him to know that fighting, harassing, bullying and abuse is not a sign of strength.
Teach them from a young age that real men don’t hit, with their fists or their words.
Then model good behaviour, speak to him with respect at all times.When you show respect to him, you teach him how to respect you and others.

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Raise your daughters to value themselves and know their true worth
Women are most often at the receiving end of Domestic Violence and to break this cycle, it is vital to educate and empower our daughters to know that under no circumstances do they deserve any form of abuse or violence.
Raise your girls to be confident in themselves. Teach her that she’s a strong and competent individual. Build her sense of self-worth, self value and confidence.
Talk to your daughter about the importance of setting goals and having standards. Let her know it is good to set standards for the kind of friends she keeps, for the grades she wants to get, for the college she’ll choose and so on.
When she is old enough, teach her that she can set the bar for the kind of partner she chooses as well.
Knowledge is power. Be sure to educate yourself about the red flags of domestic violence so you can confidently teach them to your daughter too.
Teach her to watch for those warning signs in any relationship she is in. Let her know that one slap, one punch one degrading or rude word is one too many.
Teach her from a young age that she can come to you and tell you anything.
Most of all, make sure that there’s no doubt in her mind that if she needs help, you will always be there for her.

Please share this with every woman, every mum. The power to effect this change lies in each of our hands.


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