Dear Future-in-law, Not All Men!


 An open letter to my future-in-law

Dear Future-in-law,

I trust you are well and your family too. We haven’t met and we may not meet for another couple of years but I look forward to the day we will eventually meet.

I could wait till we meet for us to have this discussion but it won’t have as much value then as it would now because NOW is the time when the greater work of our children’s happy existence together is being constructed and I am sure you understand that their happiness together would be our own peace of mind.

Of course, I understand that there are many factors that will come to play but there is a pressing one, that we both would need to be in agreement of and most of the work needed for that must start now (if not already started).

We are both influencers and have a huge power of influence over our children. Let’s effect change together!

My dear in-law, I am writing you because we are both influencers and have that power of influence over our children and I need you to do me this favour. My daughter-in-law, your daughter is precious to me.

PLEASE DO NOT TEACH YOUR DAUGHTER, MY DAUGHTER-IN-LAW that all men cheat because not all men do.

At least, I know my son won’t because; I am raising him well enough to know that it is not a masculine thing to do neither is it an award winning feat that he should be considering or engaging in.

And if for any reason, he strays, or does differently from what I have taught him.

PLEASE TEACH HER to know that –

  1. She has every right to demand an explanation.
  1. She must value herself enough, be confident and wise to know that she doesn’t deserve to be treated badly or poorly for any reason.
  1. She is NOT the offender and should not be the one begging or crying. She has done no wrong.
  1. She is not the one who broke the vow and should not be guilt-tripped into believing it was her fault in anyway, It wasn’t.

Her husband, my son has been taught that he is responsible for his actions at all times and must be man enough to accept his mistakes when he makes them, own up to things when he messes up, apologise for the wrong, hurt/pain he has caused, face the consequences and deal with it (whatever that may be) – BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MAKES HIM A MAN.

Thank you for joining me on this quest. 

I look forward to meeting you my dear in-law and adorable mum (cause I know that’s what you are), my adorable, precious & valuable daughter (cause that’s what she will be to me) and the rest of your beautiful family.

Adorably Yours,

Gee Bee

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