Five Reasons Why You Should Get Help For Emotional Abuse

Nothing is more damaging to one’s confidence and self-esteem than being in an emotionally abusive relationship. No one should endure being treated poorly by another adult. It is simply unacceptable and unjust.

One of the rather interesting things about this form of abuse is, it often starts off as a gradual, subtle and elusive process yet it has very deep, harmful and highly damaging effects. It slowly drains life out of the person at it’s receiving end and can completely destroy their self worth and esteem.

Over the years, I have come to fully understand how badly damaging and terribly devastating the effects of emotional abuse can be on both the physical and mental health of anyone being faced with it. The truth is, I can never say it enough, no one should ever have to endure such emotionally damaging treatments from anyone. No one deserves such.

Let me say at this point to anyone who may be going through any form of abuse, It’s NOT your fault and please always remember this one thing – NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO PUT YOU DOWN OR MAKE YOU CRY.

Now PLEASE DO ME & YOU A FAVOUR, dust yourself up, gather some strength and GO GET HELP!

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Five Reasons Why You Should Get Help For Emotional Abuse

1. Emotional abuse is more psychologically harmful than physical abuse because it happens more frequently and in very subtle ways. It is often the hardest type of abuse to recognize and overcome because its scars aren’t visible to the naked eye. It may go unnoticed until an irreparable damage is done if you don’t seek to get help quick enough. 

2.  Sometimes emotional abuse can lead to physical abuse or domestic violence and a lot of times, can result in psychological trauma or ill health such as anxiety, depression, loss of memory,  deep sadness,  low self esteem and self worth, fear, withdrawal, sleep disorders, physical pain without a specific cause, emotional instability, mental illness and so on. Many times, the effects can be very damaging and long-lasting. 

3. It is not your fault. You must remember that always, regardless of what your abuser may tell you. You are deserving of love and respect. Do not allow anyone make you feel that you deserve to be treated in such poor manner. No one deserves to be treated in such manner. Appraise yourself, love yourself, look within you and draw out the strength and beauty that is inside of you and allow that shine through.

4. It affects your ability to maximize your potential. Emotional abuse causes low self esteem and affects your mental state of mind. It can sometimes lead to loss of memory, poor health and low levels of productivity. Now, the truth is you only have one life to live and no one should stop you from fulfilling your life’s purpose.  So get up and get help.

5. Emotional abuse may affect your ability to parent positively and give your children the best. Depending on the severity of the damage of the abuse, it can become a struggle to carry on your parenting responsibilities effectively if proper care is not taken. To parent positively and effectively, you need a sound mind and must be in a healthy place mentally and emotionally.

If you are suffering from domestic violence of any form, please break the silence and seek help immediately. When you break the silence you break the cycle.

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