How To Post As Anonymous On Adorable Mum


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These are the new guidelines for submitting anonymous posts to the admin and will take effect from 1st February, 2014.

Thanks for your co-operation!

1. All requests for anonymous post must be sent to

Please Note: That henceforth, messages for anonymous sent to the Admin’s personal inbox or the forum wall would no longer be attended to. All requests for anonymity MUST BE sent to the email address above.

2. All anonymous posts will now be posted to the forum wall by the admin at the earliest possible time. All requests for anonymous posts must be sent in by email to for consideration and will now be posted to the wall through our admin page – AdorableMum TeamCrew

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT able to deal with anonymous posts via the AdorableMum TeamCrew inbox. All requests for anonymity MUST BE sent to the email address above.

3. The Adorable mum channel is provided as a support forum AND NOT an emergency helpline centre.

In the case of an emergency, please contact the appropriate emergency agencies…. such as the hospital, your doctor, the police station, or your religious leaders etc. Please note that Adorable mum does not have the capacity to deal with emergencies or urgent situations.

4. Please exercise patience while waiting for a response from the team. We are working at keeping the response time to its shortest possible but in the meantime, we will like you to understand that our team members are all volunteers and are not able to work 24hrs and therefore, we ask for your patience, understanding and cooperation whenever you are waiting for a response.

5. The Adorable mum support channel is for questions and concerns relating to MOTHERHOOD ONLY. Any other request WOULD NOT be processed except for those which may be deemed appropriate by the team.

A suitable arrangement will be made in the near future to enable us accommodate all other kinds of request and this will include any general prayer requests. *

6. PLEASE NOTE that ONLY questions that are inline with the vision, relating to motherhood or deemed appropriate by the team will be published. If your question is not published, it means that it was deemed inappropriate.

(Please note that there are several reasons why this may be so – such as inappropriate use of language or content etc.)

7. Please note that that all requests must be typed in Full and Proper English. NO abbreviations, codes, pidgin English or fancy text. ANY post sent in with abbreviations and fancy texts will be disregarded. **

(Abbreviations such as ‘nt instead of not, flt instead of felt, aw instead of how, dat/dis/dan instead of that/this/than, nid instead of need’, and other ones such as bizns, wk, 4, dan, hv, sud, v, nt, wud, wld, apprct, etc.)

8. Please be polite when sending in your request. Rude or Insolent messages will not be responded to.

9. Adorable Mum though a closed group is a PUBLIC forum, with thousands of members and we DO NOT encourage members to put up sensitive or personal issues directly on to the page.

These guidelines have been put in place to enable us run the support channel more smoothly as well as enable us attend to your requests more efficiently.

We seek for your continuous support, understanding and cooperation and ask that you kindly read through the guidelines and adhere to them.

If you have any questions, complaints or queries, please feel free to contact the admin by email

Thanks for understanding and cooperation.

Love Always!

Additional notes:
* We will keep you informed of any update on this subject and any other necessary issues

** Trying to decipher, understand and edit messages with abbreviations, fancy texts and codes can very often be highly tasking. Please do not send in requests/messages with abbreviations/codes/fancy texts etc. as these kind of messages are often quite difficult to process.

3 Responses

  1. Toyin Opatoye

    Goodmorning Ma, I tried submitting my post to but its saying Failed to send that I should cotact you through another means, I don’t know any other to go through apart from this. God bless

  2. Saidat Folake Awobajo

    I have to say this out because am already dying,my husband is having an affair with a married woman in my area which I told him to stopped,he wants to contests as a councillor in coming local government election which this case can be use against him but he wont listen.ever since the woman set her feet in my home is the day we started having issues and any slice mistakes he will beat me up.on Sunday night I report his wife to him that she called me on phone which I don’t like and he told me he was the one that gave her my number which I said I disagree that the next thing is he start beating me in my stomach which I started bleeding I ran to our neighbours for help in naked which they beg him to stop and he promised them that on Monday morning his wife will come and beat me up for lying against her.truly on Monday only the wife friends came and we fought together which all neighbours are just amazed,my husband was there but he did not say anything he was just laughing.since yesterday am just crying .i want to relocate to Ghana with my two daughters and start a new life because he always says my family are wretched and without him am nobody.pls all adorable mum help me with little you have so that I can start a new life because presently am jobless and I don’t have anything.any strange woman will not take over your home in Jesus name.thanks


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