Help! I got pregnant again after 8 years

An Adm has asked:

My only child is eight years old. He was born exactly nine months after I got married. I tried to get pregnant after his birth with no success. I became worried after about three years. Thereafter I resorted to medical help which did not yield any positive result. I tried drugs, other interventions and even IUI with no result.

My husband and I who is a medical doctor thereafter decided to plan towards going for an IVF. This meant stopping all financial projects so as to raise the money needed for the procedure. We had planned the procedure for January 2015. At this point my prayers had shifted from praying for pregnancy to praying for God’s financial provision to enable us raise money to foot the bill for the procedure and for the procedure to be successful. All hopes of getting pregnant were completely lost. In fact we were no longer trying to achieve pregnancy. But for an event, I wouldn’t have known my last menstrual period which was sometime in August.

Subconsciously, in September I started awaiting the arrival of my period and decided to try to remember my Last Menstrual Period (LMP) using events. When I finally did it was crystal clear that it was well past the time it was supposed to come. My cycle had been very regular for eight years. I had not missed my period in eight years since the birth of my only son. I brought it to the attention of my husband who told me that he had also been curious that I have not started my menstrual period. I underwent the required tests and to cut a long story short I am fourteen weeks pregnant.

My miracle came at a time I had given up that I was capable of getting pregnant on my own and it came completely free of charge.

God is truly never late.

I pray for all waiting and expectant mothers. It’s your season and it will not pass by without you receiving your miracle.

Thank you


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