Internet Safety Tips For Children

The Internet is a wonderful resource, but unrestricted access to it can have hazards for children. It is important that children of all ages have parental supervision when using the internet.


Talk with your children about Internet safety as soon as they begin using the Internet.

Using age appropriate words, discuss with them the importance of being a good digital citizen. Here are some of the things that you can do to further ensure Internet safety for your children –

Internet Search  google-485613_640

When searching online use safer search engines for younger children such as:



YouTube is designed for children aged 13 years and over so parental involvement is very important. Even though there are lots of children videos that your adorable ones would enjoy and benefit online. It is important to ensure parental supervision as there are some childlike videos that have been edited and substituted with adult content. Use safety mode to filter search results. It is the last option on the bottom of the page – make sure it is turned on.

Internet Usage

Be actively involved in your children’s online world. Set limits on their “screen time” and monitor who your child communicates with online.

Familiarize yourself with the web sites your children visit and educate yourself about their online activities.

Discuss with you children and let them know that they should NEVER give out personal information online. For example, his address, whereabouts, password etc.

Also, make sure they know that they must never arrange to meet someone they met online face-to-face without first talking with you about the situation.

Let them know that they must NEVER share their passwords with anyone, including friends.



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