Meet Ulo the pet owl….

Meet Ulo the pet owl….

Ulo is a cute surveillance camera, that interacts with you through eye expressions. It has pretty standard specs, and once connected to Wi-fi allows you to live stream videos from Android or iOS devices (or from the Web interface) in either day or night vision mode.


Ulo the pet owl-shaped security camera has a two-way mirror for a beak, that conceals the camera, and uses its eyes to communicate its status.

Also, it has an alert setting that allows you  receive a GIF whenever you are away and it detects movement around the house.

This pet owl  guards your home and keeps it under constant surveillance.

It winks when someone is taking pictures from the app, squints when someone is watching the live stream and  looks sleepy when it needs a battery recharge. Its battery is designed to last up to a week, but it can also stay plugged in all the time.

Ulo is designed to work both indoor and outdoor.

Would you let this adorable owl guard your house? 

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