Set Good Examples For Your Children


Young children have NO prior skills or knowledge about manners, life and so on; They simply imitate what they see in their environment. The good news then is – YOU have the ability to influence what they see in their environment, SO, use that power to the most positive advantage possible.

Always remember that you are and will always be your child’s first and best teacher. Teach your children by example and watch them do with ease what is expected of them.

Three ways you can set good examples are –

1. Be Kind to Others

Your children are looking up to you and would learn a whole lot about how to relate and deal with others from you. They would learn a lot about manners, gratitude, friendship, acceptance and many other behaviours and values that will determine their future success  in both their personal, social and work relationships.

2. Be Polite 

Your children will notice how you react to other people and situations. They will learn good manners more easily when “please”, “thank you” and other good manners are a part of your daily life. The learning of social skills and attitudes is a gradual process that occurs more naturally at home and best taught by example.

3. Be Positive 

The way you see the world is most likely how your children would see the world. If you view life has a place full of wonderful possibilities waiting to be explored and see the glass as half-full rather than half empty, that is likely how your children will grow to view life. Start them out with a mindset that will lead them to success. Teach them to believe in themselves, be positive, optimistic and hopeful – and practice the same.


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