Three Parenting Nuggets From FLOTUS!

Isn’t she just incredible? An epitome of style, class and beauty. The mum-in-chief and US First Lady, Michelle Obama who celebrated her birthday on Sunday 17th January sure makes 52 look good.


She is gracious, graceful and beautiful. She is a woman of great courage, vision and leadership and of course, she is an Adorable Mum too who believes in the power and influence of motherhood.


Over time she has shared some of her parenting nuggets of wisdom which includes –

  1. Be a worthy role model for the kids, Lead by example.
  1. Chores matter. Assign age-appropriate chores to them and let them help around the house.
  1. Limit screen time to weekends unless it’s related to school. During the school week, encourage your children to engage in other activities other than TV and Computers.

Tell Us, What do you like most about her?

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