What Mums Love About Babies


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Hello I’m Gee Bee!

I love babies and love how they smell sweet and fresh after a bath. I just love that freshly bathed, powdered smell.

…Some of the mums on Facebook, also shared what they love most about babies, here are some of their responses  –


1. Everything about babies. I envy nurses who get to see them daily.

2. Babies, I love so much that I can’t stop checking on them each and every second to know if they are comfortable and okay.

3. Their smile…..ohhh touches my heart. It’s so captivating.

4. Their curly hair, I could run my fingers through it all day.

5. Their innocence melts my heart. It is heavenly.

6.  I love the way babies suck. It makes me want to have more of them.

7. Their tiny hands and feet. Just so cute!

8. Everything. Especially when they are sleeping, it’s so peaceful.

9. I cant even explain it I JUST love them and love cuddling them.

10. Their cute clothes. So astonishing.


11. Their chubby cheeks makes me want to keep them close always.

12. The way they wrap their little hand around my finger.

13. Their tenderness and cuteness. Just makes me love them more. 

14. Their giggles is amusing. It just warms the heart.

15. Their  toothless smiles. It’s just so adorable.

16. Their tender soft beautiful skin. So smooth, so adorable!

17. The way they cry and look to you for comfort.

18. I love bathing and caring for new born babies. It gives me such a wonderful feeling.


19. Everything about babies especially their postures during breastfeeding, their smiles, innocence and strength when they grab something especially necklaces and earrings.

20. A baby’s first cry. I love it so much that I’m always moved by it and it makes me cry anytime I give birth.

21. Everything about babies especially when they suckle and throw one tiny leg and hand in the air.

22. The way they trust! I just love when they cry for comfort and just want to feel loved.

23.  l love it when they start talking. All the little babbles.

24.  I love the way they play.

25. I love the way they lie on my chest when I carry them.

26. I just love how they are wonders. Wonders to mums, families and the society. They are just such little wonders.

How about you? What do you love about babies?






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  1. akingbade

    The way make me love them. Even when I had my first baby I alway him to cry so that I can hear his voice if my mum say I should pet him I will say let him cry more


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